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Welcome! Pink Alpine is the main tour operator for gay travelers in Switzerland. We have known all the destinations of alpine outdoorsports very well for years. Pink Alpine offers the best in high-quality travel services to the alpine region for the gay community. Each of our trips has been developed in order to safely and carefree experience the beauty and the power of the Alpes. Watch our video that shows who Pink Alpine is and what his activities are.

We are a member of the guarantee fund of the Swiss Travel Industry. We are gay owned, a non-profit organization and well experienced in guiding international groups. René Böhlen is the managing director of Pink Alpine.

Our tours and trips are free and tolerant places of encounter where diversity and respect are appreciated and lived. For this reason we do not refer to ourselves as «gay-friendly», but go beyond that and call ourselves «hetero-friendly».

Each of our trips is designed for gay travelers so that they can experience the travel destinations in their beauty and powerfulness. Cross-country skiing, mountain biking, hiking, running and skiing are more fun in small groups with like-minded people. The majority of the tours are held in gender-divided groups. They vary in the requirements regarding technique and fitness. There are offers for beginners as well as trips where prior knowledge and experience in the mountains will be expected.